Re­cyc­ling pro­jects at KTP

At Kunststofftechnik Paderborn we are working in various projects on the improved use and processing of recyclate to enable the production and subsequent use of a high-quality secondary raw material.

Below you will find a brief overview of our research activities:

  • Mechanical recycling of fiber-reinforced thermoplastics using various shredding machines (granulators, single-shaft shredders)
  • Process optimization to reduce the fiber dust fraction
  • Characterization of resulting fiber dusts and toxicological investigations
  • Investigation of the trickling behavior in screw machines
  • Investigation of the melting behavior in comparison with granules
  • Recycling of blends from the semi-finished production of organic sheets
  • Investigation of the compounding process of carbon fiber recyclates
  • Process engineering development of a novel recycling process for fiber recyclates via an agglomerator
  • Analysis of the fouling behavior of melt filters during recyclate processing
  • Modeling and simulation of the pressure/throughput behavior
  • Analysis of plastic compounds (allocation of plastic types, thermal behavior, viscosity, etc.)
  • Determination of optimum process parameters for processing on screw machines
  • Investigation of processability on screw machines
  • Composition: foams, textiles and plastics
  • Composition: foams, textiles and plastics
  • Characterization of material properties in the application as profiles in the outdoor area
  • Investigations into aging
  • Process engineering development for bonding WPC with environmentally friendly dispersion adhesives
  • Investigations into the compounding of plastic with saw wood flour as a waste product
  • Development of a backrest made of WPC as a substitute for virgin plastics

We have provided additional information for you on the following topics: