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Recycling plastics - A necessity

Against the background of polluted oceans (microplastics) and the increasing consumption of resources in all parts of the world with the simultaneous finite nature of natural resources, resource efficiency and the circular economy are gaining in importance in today's world. Both in politics and industry as well as within society, a rethinking is taking place regarding the sustainable use of resources. This is increasingly becoming the core task of the 21st century.

We at KTP are aware of the responsibility and are taking up the task.

Recycling of plastics waste in Germany 

To date, more than half of all plastic waste is thermally recycled. According to the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act, both mechanical recycling and feedstock recycling are preferable. This is because the ecological benefit of the product increases with each recycling.

Material recycling

Processing of plastic waste by mechanical treatment into secondary raw materials without changing the chemical structure


Raw material recycling

Decomposition of the chemical structure of plastic waste for the conversion and preparation of new monomers.


Thermal recovery

Incineration and energy recovery of plastic waste, e.g. in a waste incineration plant or in cement plants as substitute fuel



Deposit of non-recyclable plastic waste in compliance with applicable guidelines



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