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Joining technology

In terms of joining technology like welding, gluing and mechanical joining technology, we are able to offer competent advice for any kind of problems concerning this issue as a result of long-year research activities.

We support you in choosing an adequate joining technology for your problem. We would be happy to assess your different technologies in terms of technologic and economic criteria.

For various welding technologies we assess welding processes in terms of joining geometry, process parameter and material compatibility for you. We provide you with competent on-site advice for our common success.

In terms of bonding compatibility the pre-treatment of your joining face is playing an important role when it comes to gluing. We show you how to achieve an increase of bonding with an adequate pre-treatment and activation of the face.

Next to our services mentioned above we support you in solving individual problems. We will be happy to answer your request! 


Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hopp

Kunststofftechnologie und Kunststoffverarbeitung

Chief Engineer

Matthias Hopp
+49 5251 60-3052
+49 5251 60-3821

The University for the Information Society