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Rheological features of polymer melts are essential for a reliable design of plasticizing units and tools.

Our high pressure capillary rheometer allows us to record viscosity curves for material in high shear rates. In addition, the shear stress development is evaluated. The evaluated viscosity function is the base for flow simulations designing screw elements or extrusion tools and injection molds.

Among recording viscosity curves, the MFR melt index is our most important parameter for characterizing the flow behavior of polymer melts. The melt index is measured following the worldwide standardized measuring procedure ISO 1133 resp. ASTM D-1238. To measure the MVR is also possible.

We are open to carry out rheological measurements in your suggested temperature windows.



Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hopp

Kunststofftechnologie und Kunststoffverarbeitung

Chief Engineer

Matthias Hopp
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