Single/ Twin Screw Extruder

The KTP is offering a wide range of services in terms of the procedural design of screw machines. Our wealth of experience ranges from rubber extruders and classic polymeric extruders for polycarbonate etc. to high-speed extrusion or the design of compounding extruders. 

A special core competence of ours is the screw design. We already designed screws for various applications in this area. In addition to these gathered experiences the KTP can always draw on the simulation software REX / SIGMA, which allows us to deal with your individual machine/ material/process parameter – constellation.

Further on, our department is always glad to assist you in designing your process to be more energy efficient. There are different concepts for designing screws, drive train or heating zones. Our optimization is based on basics of empiric investigations, but also on simulations and calculations.

Next to our services mentioned above we support you in solving individual problems. We will be happy to answer your request!