Extrusion processes

The closeness of the KTP to industry is a reason why we also offer technical advice in terms of extrusion processes. We provide a generation of model design for various problems, as we command an extensive machine park. We support you in designing tools of any kind, starting with the extruders’ top. For this, the KTP owns a various range of design software, software of our department itself and of extern partners. 

[Translate to English:] Beginnend an der Spitze des Extruders unterstützen das KTP Sie bei der Auslegung von Werkzeugen aller Art.  Hierfür verfügt das Institut über ein großes Portfolio an Auslegungssoftware aus eigenem Haus sowie von externen Partnern.  

Our employees carry out the sampling of new material for you. The processing laboratory disposes of flat film, blown film, pipe extrusion or compounding systems. These allow us to create significant test samples with only a small amount of material.

Improving the efficiency of downstream equipment, e.g. calibration or curing, is also a part of our service spectrum. Different measuring tools allow us to determine important values to optimize processes.

The feeding process often reflects a limit of the mass throughput, which is why we offer optimizing the feed sections’ efficiency.

Next to our services mentioned above we support you in solving individual problems. We will be happy to answer your request!