Optical analysis technology

Optical analysis plays a major role in damage analysis and material characterization. With the help of suitable microscopic techniques, topographic investigations or compound analyses of micrograph sections can be carried out for plastic components. 

With the CT scanner in our lab, we can detect material defects, pores or blowholes, and vacuoles, or investigate the fiber distribution in fiber-reinforced plastics. Qualitative evaluations of  joints in joined components can be completed on micrograph sections using a reflected-light method and our digital microscope. Polymeric structures can also be investigated using transmitted light and thinner micrographs.

Should you wish to investigate the surface of plastic components in terms of topographically characteristic values,  a confocal laser microscope is available as well; it is also possible to create 3D-pictures of the surface and to provide quantitative measurements of the component´s topography using numerous analytic tools.

An additional  method we offer is ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection) infrared spectroscopy, with the help of which characteristic spectral patterns can be generated. Specific bands in the optical spectrum correspond to functional groups; by comparing a measured spectrum with reference spectra it is possible to characterize certain types of plastics , including for example thermosetting plastics, which can’t be characterized by melting processes.

When examining the adhesion of plastic composites, the plastic´s surface tension is an important factor for the characterization of compound properties, in particular for the prediction of adhesion affinity. Using contact angle measurement, adhesive properties can be characterized quantitatively whenbonding. In this way, conclusions can be drawn about possible improvement in adhesion by the use of pretreatment methods such as plasma treatment.

In addition to the given options for analysis mentioned above, we would be glad to help you with any other challenges you may face. Please do not hesitate to contact us.