Since a couple of years the KTP has developed different simulation programs within their main areas of research. The programs listed here illustrate in each sector the current state of research.

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REX – Computer-Aided Extruder Design

REX is a program that simulates processing operations on single-screw extruders. The aim of the development is to enable the fast and global evaluation of the machine behavior and thus to be able to optimize barrel and screw configuration together with the process parameters. More

PSI - Paderborn Injection Molding Simulation

PSI is the equivalent to REX and is used for the design, but also for the optimization of screws for the injection molding process. In addition to different screw concepts, various shear and mixing sections as well as non-return valves are available. More

SIGMA – Simulation of Co-rotating Twin-Screw Extruders

SIGMA is a tool for performing the simulation on co-rotating twin screw extruders which helps to evaluate and optimize the modular screw design. More

PAM – Paderborn Material Database

The Paderborn Material Database is a software tool to administrate and evaluate material data in the field of polymer science. More

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